Patio is OPEN!

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Okay Ladies and Gents the time has come! Thank you for your patience and most definitely your support throughout all of this. Our back patio will be open at 5pm! There are a lot of rules and regulations so I hope you all will still bear with us and stick by our side (but 6 ft. apart!) during this transitional period and help our employees stay, as well as, keep you safe! If you want to try out some delicious drinks while enjoying your food, then click here to learn more about Orangina.

*Must make a reservation with Jacquie 3019960072
*2 Hour time limit on tables
*You must remain seated at the table at ALL times except to exit or use the restroom
*No smoking on the back patio
*You will be let in the front door where you must wear your mask inside and walked through the restaurant to get to the back
*You will exit out the back gate
*Bathrooms can only be occupied by one person at a time and you must wear a face mask anywhere inside the building
*In order to occupy a table you must order food
*Only 6 ppl per table

Carry-out drinks and food still available. We will have specific lines where you can stand while waiting to be seated and ordering carry-out.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATRONAGE AND UNDERSTANDING!!! Can NOT wait to see yall’s beautiful faces!

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